Trust Stamp Embraces Denmark's D-Seal Initiative

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In the modern, interconnected global land, where digital services and data sharing have become an integral part of our lives, ensuring data security, responsibility, and ethical use has become paramount. The digital landscape presents opportunities and challenges, and establishing a foundation of trust has become more crucial. Denmark's innovative D-seal program steps forward as a pioneering solution, paving the way for digital accountability and ushering in a new era of consumer confidence.


What is the D-seal Initiative?

The D-seal initiative represents a collaborative effort among Danish institutions and organizations. The D-seal is the first of its kind in the world that combines IT security and responsible data usage into a single label. It is an essential step towards establishing a framework of trust for customers and consumers in the digital space while driving digital accountability in companies by promoting sound IT security practices and ethical data handling.

The D-seal initiative comprises three primary objectives:

  • Elevating Digital Trust: Turn digital security and trust into a positive competitive parameter and a Danish and European strength position.
  • Creating value for the company: The D-seal is a simple and trustworthy guide that makes it easy for businesses to handle data securely and responsibly and then showcase it. 
  • Building digital trust with the consumer: The D-seal instills confidence in consumers regarding the sharing and use of data and in companies with the D-seal for treating data securely and responsibly.

In a digital landscape fraught with uncertainties, the D-seal initiative emerges as a promising step toward fostering accountability and trust. Its vision is to empower consumers and encourage companies to prioritize data security and ethical conduct, and as Denmark leads the way in championing digital responsibility, the D-seal stands as a symbol of progress, laying the groundwork for a safer and more responsible digital future.

The D-seal criteria addresses:

  1. Leadership and commitment at company management level
  2. Awareness and security behavior
  3. Technical IT security
  4. Requirements for suppliers’ IT security and responsible use of data
  5. Transparency and control of data
  6. Privacy and security by design and default
  7. Trustworthy algorithms and AI
  8. Data ethics

The D-seal initiative is backed by The Danish Industry Foundation together with The Confederation of Danish Industry, The Danish Chamber of Commerce, SMEdenmark, and The Danish Consumer Council. The financial support from the Danish Industry Foundation and the active involvement of the Danish Business Authority underscores the D-seal's credibility and significance.


IT Security and Responsible Data Usage as European Position of Strength

The Director of the D-seal, Mikael Jensen, in a statement highlighting the initiative's importance, emphasized, "The D-seal is the first label of its kind in the world that combines IT security and responsible data usage into a single certification. With the D-seal, we provide companies the opportunity to demonstrate to their consumers and partners that they are taking digital responsibility seriously." 

A key aspiration of the program is to earn recognition as a European label of digital responsibility, setting a high standard for companies across the continent. The D-seal aims to be a beacon of transparency, ensuring that companies prioritize data security and ethical conduct. Programme Manager Malene Stidsen: "What we aim to achieve with the D-seal is to make digital security and trust a positive competitive parameter and establish a Danish and European position of strength."  

The D-seal's criteria are meticulously crafted, considering various factors such as a company's size, business model, data usage, IT infrastructure, and impact on individuals. These criteria are grounded in recognized frameworks from Europe, such as GDPR, national councils, committees, and task forces, aligning with international standards. 


The D-Seal and NIS2: Synergies in Security and Compliance

The significance of the D-seal stretches beyond its immediate benefits. As Europe and Denmark align themselves with the upcoming NIS2 directive, set to take effect in 2024, the D-seal's compliance with internationally recognized standards and frameworks becomes a valuable asset. The D-seal's strict requirements mirror the objectives of the NIS2 directive, reinforcing its relevance and importance in today's digital landscape. 

"– The D-seal is based on European and internationally recognized standards and frameworks. There is a good alignment between the criteria and requirements of the D-seal and the NIS2 Directive's requirements for governance and anchoring in the management as well as requirements for risk management and security measures and the NIS2 Directive's minimum requirements as a whole," Morten Rosted Vang says, Head of Digital Responsibility and Cyber Security at the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI). 

By ensuring compliance with the D-seal's strict requirements, companies can ensure that they are at the forefront of the NIS2, as the new IT security directive will take effect in the EU. The directive emphasizes the enhancement of IT security. It lays out strict consequences for non-compliance, further highlighting the necessity of a program like the D-seal to ensure adherence to these standards.


Trust Stamp Achieves D-Seal: Elevating Security and Trust in Identity Verification

At Trust Stamp, we are committed to providing secure, private, and trusted identity verification solutions, and we have embraced the D-seal initiative with open arms. By adhering to the rigorous D-seal criteria, Trust Stamp demonstrates our dedication to customer security and privacy. The acquisition of the D-seal is a testament to Trust Stamp's unwavering commitment to consumer trust and digital responsibility.

"We are proud to announce that Trust Stamp is now a holder of the D-seal. This label underscores our resolve to provide top-notch security solutions and ethical data practices. With the D-seal, we are not just differentiating ourselves in the market; we are actively contributing to the digital transformation across Denmark and Europe. Our collaboration with Danish institutions showcases our eagerness to foster a safer and more accountable digital ecosystem," stated Gareth Genner, CEO and co-founder of Trust Stamp.


Jonathan Patscheider, Vice President at Trust Stamp Denmark, merges strategic tech-business insight with legal and economic acumen, solidifying Trust Stamp’s position in Denmark. He navigates European market intricacies, including GDPR, with a deep understanding of legal dimensions and a flair for entrepreneurship. Concurrently, Jonathan passionately engages in AI fairness research projects with different research institutions, exemplifying his multifaceted expertise.


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